Author’s may send their articles which are prepared in accordance with the below stated publishing and editorial principles, together with the “article presentation form” via e-mail to the provided addresses. Providing the permissions of the authors (the main author or the rightful publishing house) is obligatory for the translated texts and articles as well. The articles which are sent to their authors for further improvement and/or proofreading following the preliminary reviews and referee evaluations, should be edited accordingly and delivered back to the journal in one month at the latest. On the other hand, the articles which are found to be conflicting with this guideline, will be returned to their authors for further proofreading and will not be issued.

Publishing Principles

Sağlık Bilimlerini temel alan TFK Dergisinde; temel tıp bilimleri ve klinik branşlarda ulusal ve uluslararası düzeyde katkı yapan araştırma, özgün çalışma, derleme, olgu bildirimleri ve buna yakın sağlık bilimlerdeki ilgili alanlarda, bilimsel çalışmalar kapsamında eserler kabul edilmekte ve yayınlanmaktadır. TFK Dergisi; Dergipark, Google Scholar, Türk Eğitim İndeksi ve Asos Index gibi uluslararası dizinlerde taranmaktadır.

Tıp Fakültesi Klinikleri Dergisi senede 3 defa yayınlanan hakemli bir dergidir. Orijinal teorik ve/veya deneysel çalışma ve sabit referans değerleri ile ilgili öğretici açıklamanın bulunduğu makaleler kabul edilir.

Aydın Journal of Medical Clinics is authorized to accept or not to accept articles upon the evaluation of international experts.


General Rules

  1. The language of the articles is Turkish and English
  2. If there is an institution that supports the study, the last word of the article title should be placed on (*) and the information on the same page as the footnote should be given.
  3. Manuscripts should not exceed 12.000 words including bibliography and annexes.
  4. Articles should be organized according to the APA reference system. Please make sure that the references in the text are in the references
  5. Dergimiz için editör kurulunca belirlenen intihal oranı üst sınırı yüzde 20‘dir. İntihal tespit programındaki filtreleme seçenekleri şu şekilde ayarlanır: -Kaynakça hariç (Bibliography excluded) -Alıntılar hariç (Quotes excluded) -5 kelimeden daha az örtüşme içeren metin kısımları hariç (Limit match size to 5 words) -Program menüsünde bulunan diğer filtreleme seçenekleri raporlamaya dâhil edilmez.


Author Responsibility  

The compliance of the articles with the scientific rules is the responsibility of the authors. All authors should have an academic or scientific direct contribution to the submitted article. The name designated as the author (s) must have the following characteristics:

(1) The work in the article should take part in the planning, idea, method steps or in the execution of the work.

(2) The article should have any contribution at the writing stage.

(3) Accept the final version of the article.

If the publication contains a direct or indirect commercial link, or if there is an organization that provides material support to the study, the authors will use the commercial product, medicine, company etc. It has to tell the editor on the presentation page that he has no commercial relationship with him or what kind of relationship (consultant, other agreements) he has.

If a possible scientific error, ethical violation, or allegation is encountered in the research submitted for review, this journal reserves the right to submit the submitted text to the investigation of the support organizations or other authorities. This journal accepts the responsibility to properly track the problem, but does not assume the actual investigation or the power to make decisions about errors.


Abbreviations used in the article should be used in internationally accepted forms, should be written clearly where they were first used, and their abbreviated form should be shown in parentheses. When using drug names, generic names of drugs are written with their Turkish pronunciation. Laboratory measurements should be reported in International System (US; Systéme International: SI) units.

Statistical evaluation

The compliance of the articles with the biostatistical rules is the responsibility of the authors. All retrospective, prospective and experimental research articles should be evaluated biostatistical and specified with appropriate plan, analysis and reporting. P values should be given explicitly in the articles.

Writing Language

The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English, and in Turkish articles, the spelling (www.tdk.gov.tr) in accordance with the Turkish Dictionary or Spelling Guide of the Turkish Language Institution is valid.

It should be ensured that English articles and abstracts are reviewed professionally in terms of grammar rules when needed before they are sent to the journal. In addition, spelling and grammatical errors in the submitted articles are corrected by our editing committee without touching the content of the article.

It is the authors' responsibility to comply with the spelling and grammar rules.

Writing Types and Features to be Submitted to the Journal

Aydın Journal of Medical Clinics publishes articles that are according with “Vancouver style” (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals. New England Journal of Medicine, 1997; 336:309-315).

Manuscripts should be written in Microsoft Word, with a 2 cm margin on each side of the page, and in one of the double-spaced “Arial or Times new novel” writing formats. The format of the articles is as follows:

1) Title page

2) Turkish and English Abstracts and Keywords

3) Text

4) Resources

5) Tables and / or Figures

The e-mail address of the author to be corresponded in the sent article and the type of the article (research, review, case report, etc.) must be specified.

Research Articles

These articles are original research articles that have not been published before.

Research articles should include;

- Turkish and English title,

- Turkish and English not exceeding 500 words


Turkish abstract format:


Materials and Methods



English abstract format:


Materials and methods



– Turkish and English Abstracts and Keywords

– Introduction

– Materials and Methods

– Results

– Discussion

– Conclusion

– Resources (up to 30 can be shown.)

It should consist of sections.

Case Reports

These are articles that indicate the scientific importance of one or more cases for clinical evaluation.

Case Reports;

- Turkish and English title,

- Turkish and English abstracts,

– Turkish and English Keywords

- The main text (should include the Introduction, Case Presentation and Discussion sections),

– Resources (up to 15 can be shown.)

- It consists of table / figure / picture sections.


The summary of case reports is not divided into chapters, but is limited to 200 words and the main text of the article is limited to 1500 words.



Compilations are scientific articles written by authors directly or invited in Aydın Journal of Medical Clinics. There is “Guest Editor” system in the issues that constitute from compilations and expertise associations prepared.

Compilations consist of Turkish title, Turkish abstract and Turkish keywords, English title, English abstract, English key sections, and the number of authors is limited to three, text file maximum 4000 and the number of references 40.


Letter to the Editor

The articles published in the journal in the last year have a maximum of 500 words containing different opinions, experiences and questions of the readers, and the number of references is limited to 5. There are no title and summary sections. It should be stated which article (by giving the number, date) is dedicated and at the end of the author's name, institution, address. If the letter is answered, it is published by the editor or the author (s) of the article, again in the journal.


  • All references should be listed in order.
  • In the articles with more than four authors, "et al." must be used.
  • Journal names should be abbreviated as used in Index Medicus.

Journal: Author A, Author B, Author C. Title of the article. Abbreviation of the journal name Year; Volume: Page (s).

Book: Author A, Author B, Author C. Chapter title. In: Editor A, Editor B, Editor C, eds. The title of the book. Which is the repression. Publishing place: Publishing House; Year. Pages).


Journal Articles

Journal: Knyazev GG, Bocharov AV, Levin EA, Savostyanov AN, Slobodskoj-Plusnin JY. Anxiety and oscillatory responses to emotional facial expressions. Brain Res 2008 28;1227:174-88. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2008.06.108.


Books sections: Phillips SJ, Whisnant JP. Hypertension and stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM, editors. Hypertension: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management içinde. 2nd Ed. New York: Raven Press; 1995. p. 465-478.

Book: Eyre HJ, Lange DP, Morris LB. Informed decisions: the complete book of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. 2nd ed. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; c2002. p.768.

Web Sample

Hunzeker CM, Fangman W, Latkowski JM. Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides. Dermatology Online Journal. Available at:http://dermatology.cdlib.org/131/.

Submitting Post

All articles to be sent to the journal should be checked again before submission. Articles should be submitted by completing the "author check list" on  http://tipfakultesiklinikleri.aydin.edu.tr website. Articles should be sent online via the Faculty of Medicine Clinics web page or to the e-mail address stated below by writing “ATK ARTICLE” in the subject section. Articles sent by other than these will not be considered.​